Here’s what carpet can do for your remodel

Carpet can work wonders as your chosen flooring for your remodel, thanks to the extensive benefits found in the flooring line. It’s a fantastic match for any décor, with neutral and bold visuals, and it’s the only soft surface floor covering on the market, making it the most comfortable underfoot experience. Below are a few more carpet facts that could help influence your remodel.

The facts about a carpet remodel

No other floor covering beats the warmth and comfort available in carpeting, especially on cold days. It’s a perfect addition to bedrooms, children’s rooms, and home offices, where a carpet installation provides comfort and protection more than in other spaces. That same soft characteristic can also translate into noise reduction and insulation that keeps your home warmer and saves on energy bills. Contrary to popular belief, these floors aren't a wrong choice for allergy sufferers and don't worsen the air quality. Instead, they are more likely to trap and hold allergens, making breathing easier and fighting allergy attacks. You'll get even better results if you choose the hypoallergenic fiber, especially in bedrooms and children’s rooms, because carpet fibers with this benefit are formulated to hold onto allergens. Regarding visual appeal, carpet floors give you style and design options catering to your current décor scheme. It's easy to find one that suits your personality and lifestyle, with trendy benefits that could help keep you current for years. These attractive and inviting appearance options are extensive and can consist of fiber type, length, color, design, and pattern, to name only a few benefits.

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